About Us


Founded by the Sisters of the Holy Cross in 1929, Saint Agnes Medical Center has provided the highest quality and most compassionate care for Valley residents for over nine decades. Since opening our first 75-bed hospital on Fruit and Floradora avenues, Saint Agnes continues to lead and shape health care in the Central Valley. A lot has changed in the last 94 years, but our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our growing population, and to healing the whole person – body, mind and spirit – still inspires everything we do.

Our growth continues with Saint Agnes Care, a nonprofit subsidiary of Saint Agnes Medical Center comprised of primary, specialty and urgent care clinics, which now includes a network of more than 80 providers at 20 locations in Fresno and Clovis. To provide better access and more convenient care for Valley residents, Saint Agnes Care has focused efforts on expanding telehealth and online scheduling capabilities for primary care, urgent care and specialty care.

Saint Agnes also continues to have success with its five accredited physician residency and fellowship programs and is proud to still be Fresno County’s first nationally recognized Baby-Friendly Hospital.

As our physical and virtual footprints grow, Saint Agnes remains committed to maintaining critical partnerships and to nurturing important relationships throughout the community in order to provide our patients with the high-quality, coordinated care they deserve. Guided by the values first inspired by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Saint Agnes will continue striving to be a blessing to the people of our Valley – lifting spirits through faith, hope, love and healing.