Social Services

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Our Clinical Social Services staff provides a wide array of support services to help patients and families cope with the stress of illness and hospitalization. They also answer financial questions, obtain information about available community resources, and provide referrals to appropriate outside agencies. Our social workers can also assist with short term counseling, supportive and adjustment counseling, and crisis intervention.

Services provided:

  • Medicare and Social Security information
  • Medi-Cal information
  • State disability information
  • Psychosocial evaluations and treatment planning
  • Supportive and adjustment counseling
  • Advance Health Care Directive information
  • Crisis intervention
  • Provision of concrete services
  • Financial assessment and referral services
  • Support groups
  • Abuse assessment and reporting
  • Discharge planning
  • Case coordination

For more information, please refer to our Patient Guide or call Clinical Social Services, (559) 450-3158.