Healing Labyrinth

Healing walking path on the grounds of the hospital

The Healing Labyrinth - A Place of Peace and Serenity, located at the top of Saint Agnes Medical Center's front lawn, is designed to complement the Saint Agnes mission of healing body, mind and spirit by providing a place to inspire prayer, contemplation and inner healing.

About labyrinths

For centuries, labyrinths have been used throughout the world for prayer, ritual, and personal and spiritual growth. Our Healing Labyrinth was modeled after the Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, the largest of its kind in France, built in the early 13th century.

Unlike mazes, labyrinths have no tricks, turns, obstacles or dead ends. With only one route to the center and back out again, they gently guide walkers, allowing them to enter a meditative state in which their focus is simply on placing one foot in front of the other. With an assured final destination, walkers can free their mind, pay attention to the body's movement, listen to the heart, and be still in being rather than doing.

“Walking a labyrinth is a special exercise to quiet and center ourselves and allows time for contemplation and prayer,” says Sister Emily Demuth, CSC, of Saint Agnes Medical Center. “We are delighted to have a beautiful sacred place where our patients, visitors, colleagues and physicians can meditate or take a spiritual walk to find serenity and peace.”

How to walk the Healing Labyrinth

The Healing Labyrinth provides an interfaith setting to benefit people from all cultures, traditions and religions. While you are here, it is our hope that once you use it, you will find healing, serenity and peace, and leave feeling restored and rejuvenated. We invite you to take a walk and enjoy the journey! Here's how:

  1. Prepare

    Before you begin, mindfully prepare yourself – calm your mind, slow your breathing and turn off your phone or watch. Set your intentions by reciting questions or feelings that concern you. You can even say a prayer or recite affirmations.

  2. Walk 

    As you begin the path, go at a comfortable pace. Rather than focusing on reaching the end, be present with every step you take. Think about the things that stand in the way of your spiritual journey and consciously let go of all cares and thoughts.

  3. Contemplate

     Once you reach the center, pause and enjoy it. Be present with yourself and embrace the stillness. At this time you can pray, journal, stand, kneel or sit. Visualize yourself in a peaceful place. Breathe and relax.

  4. Reflect

    As you prepare to journey out of the labyrinth, focus on what you want to bring out of the center and back into your life. Take your time and enjoy the walk back, resisting temptation to complete it quickly. Reflect on the insights you’ve gained from the experience.