Pet Therapy

Dog therapy session

If you’re an animal lover, we encourage you to request a visit from one of our Heavenly Hounds. These compassionate canine volunteers will not only lift your spirit, they are actually proven to aid in the healing process by providing comfort and reducing stress, pain, blood pressure and loneliness. All of our furry four-legged volunteers are washed and groomed before each visit and must pass stringent behavioral and physical tests and have an up-to-date health certificate before joining the program.

To request a Heavenly Hounds visit, call (559) 450-PUPS (7877).

Join our Heavenly Hounds

Make a pawsitive difference! With the popularity of our Heavenly Hounds program, we’re always in need of more dog volunteers – and their owners! If you have a compassionate canine and are interested in spreading smiles throughout the hospital, become a Heavenly Hounds volunteer!

Therapy dog and volunteer handler qualications

Potential volunteer team (owner and dog) must have the Canine Good Citizen certication and show certication from one of the following accredited organizations:

  • Therapy Dog International, Inc. (TDI)
  • Alliance of Therapy Dogs
  • Pet Partners

Dog handler must have proof of:

  • Covid-19 (first & second dose, no boosters required)
  • Flu vaccination
  • TB Clearance
  • Background check
For more information or to apply, contact Saint Agnes Volunteers at (559) 450-5261 or