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When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the news can be devastating for both the patient and their loved ones. Their thoughts become flooded with questions about what to do and what comes next, which can be overwhelming. In order for patients and their families to move forward and maintain as normal a life as possible, they need support from experts who understand what they are experiencing and who can help them navigate their journey. The care team at Saint Agnes Pathways Cancer Support Services provides this much-needed guidance from the time of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

Whether you or someone you love is currently battling cancer or has in the past, our multidisciplinary team helps to develop a care plan tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Through knowledge, education and resources, our goal is to empower patients to live their new life with cancer to its fullest and, ultimately, give them strength to heal… body, mind and spirit.

The Cancer Support Services team is comprised of a nurse, social worker and dietitian who share the belief that every patient is unique and deserving of care centered around their individual needs.  

Navigating the health care system isn’t easy, but with the support of our registered nurse, patients will never have to be alone on their cancer journey. Whether it’s reviewing the diagnosis and treatment plan or discussing potential side effects, our nurse is always available to answer questions and provide reassurance.

No one understand the distress that cancer can cause better than our social worker who has supported countless patients and families over the years. Trained to listen with empathy and compassion, she meets patients where they are and assesses each person’s individual needs to ensure they receive the appropriate support for their situation.

Our registered dietitian assists patients with planning an optimal diet, designed to help them maintain an ideal body weight and retain muscle mass. Proper nutrition before, during and after treatment is essential for patients to maintain good health. It can also reduce treatment side effects and make chemotherapy more tolerable.

In addition to the support provided by each member based on their area of expertise, the team works collaboratively to connect patients and their families to available community resources that can meet their specific needs – whether it be for transportation, equipment or other essential services.

Cancer Support Services will continue to operate until June 28, 2024. Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Sonya Pizzo, Director of Operations, Saint Agnes Medical Foundation, at


We are pleased to share that our Lung Nodule Clinic will remain operational, continuing to provide vital services to our patients. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our patients and will work closely with you to facilitate continued care.