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Patient Stories

"I knew Pete's
situation was grim"
"I figured I'd go to my
grave with my wounds"
"We faced the biggest
crossroad of our lives"
"I couldn't catch my breath"
Pete Torstensen
Cardiac Patient

Arthur Werner III
Wound Patient
Larry White
Stroke Patient
David Barredo
Cardiac Patient
"Turns out ...
I had prostate cancer"
"An emergency C-section
was necessary" 
"I had the numbers
of a dead man"
" ... we had to resesitate him"
Paul Humphreys
Prostate Cancer Patient
Meegan Grant
Maternity Patient
Father Arshen Aivazian
Heart Patient
Scott Bristol
Therapeutic Hypothermia Patient
"All we ever hear is
cancer, cancer, cancer"
"Listen to your own body"

 "I now realize how
fragile life is"
"Now I've learned to be
involved andinterested in my care"
Nancy Tomlinson
Heart Disease Patient

Carole Millar
Heart Disease Patient
Lynnette Jacobsen
Heart Disease Patient  
Linda Gonzales
Heart Disease Patient
"Heart disease was
never on my radar" 
"I never thought
I'd be the one"
"I should have
listened to the signs"
"I had little to no pain ...
I feel like a kid"      


Saundra (Sam) Jordan
Heart Disease Patient 

Lorraine Anderson
Heart Disease Patient
Kathy Jackson
Heart Disease Patient 
Jon Dembo
da Vinci® Cardiac Surgery Patient 
"It was like no surgery
I've ever had before" 
"I was amazed by what
a piece of cake the procedure"  
"I'm back to my routine"
"I never thought I'd walk again"
Kristine Minor
da Vinci® Robotic
Hysterectomy Patient
Gary McRee
da Vinci® Robotic
Prostatectomy Patient  
Lynnette Vincent
da Vinci® Robotic
Hysterectomy Patient 
Ed Armbrister
Wound/Hyperbaric Patient 



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