Lymphedema Management

Lymphedema is a common and sometimes serious condition that develops from an inability of the lymphatic system to transport lymph fluid, resulting in an abnormal accumulation of water and proteins in tissue underneath the skin. Lymphedema most often develops after surgery and radiation therapy for some type of cancer (e.g., breast, uterine, prostate, bladder, lymphoma, melanoma or sarcoma). Other times, it develops without obvious cause, or after trauma or deep vein thrombosis.

While lymphedema cannot be cured, it can be significantly reduced through education and proper management. Saint Agnes Cancer Center offers a dedicated Lymphedema Program that is recognized by the National Lymphedema Network (NLN) as a qualified treatment center. Our program is focused on education, treatment and instruction in self-management.


Lymphedema treatments may include Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), which consists of manual lymphatic drainage, soft tissue mobilization, compression bandaging, exercise, use of compression garments, and addressing related range of motion deficits and functional limitations.

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