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Kristine Minor, da Vinci® Robotic Hysterectomy

"It was like no surgery I've ever had before"

"I had a history of fibroids and endometriosis," relates Kristine Minor, "and I had both open incision and laparoscopic surgery to treat them."

While Kristine was pregnant with her second son, she learned she has a genetic mutation that predisposes her to blood clots. Shortly after her son's birth, she started having heavy periods accompanied by clotting.

"I finally talked to my OB/GYN, Dr. John Swanson, who suggested a robotic-assisted hysterectomy to remove my uterus and cervix would be best for me," recalls Kristine.

"Any time we can reduce the impact an operation has on a patient's body, the better," says board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist John Swanson, M.D.

The da Vinci® Surgical System offers patients like Kristine a much better option than open surgery or even minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

"The precision of the da Vinci robot's three-dimensional visualization and "wristed" instruments is remarkable. The patient has less blood loss, significantly reduced post-operative discomfort, a hospital stay of hours instead of days, and a much quicker return to normal activities," says Dr. Swanson.

Kristine says it's all true: "The morning after my surgery, my husband picked me up from the hospital and we ran some errands and had lunch. I was never restricted to bed rest, and it wasn't long before I was able to get right back to all my regular activities. It was like no surgery I've ever had before!"

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