Your Care Specialists

As the Valley's premier provider of cardiac services, surgery, and many other specialty and outpatient services, our experience has taught us that no two patients respond to treatment exactly the same way. That's why we're proud to have a team of critical care specialists on-site and always ready should a straightforward case suddenly become complex.

These specially trained internal medicine physicians are called hospitalists. And just as their name implies, they are at the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have instant access to every specialist and every department to make sure our patients get the most effective treatment they need ... stat.

Hospitalists devote 100 percent of their time to a hospital-based medical practice. This allows for a more timely response to urgent problems that may arise. Hospitalists assist you through a smooth and speedy recovery process by following up on tests and adjusting your treatment regimen throughout the day based on those test results.

Using the hospitalist team enables your primary care physician to be more available when you are in need of outpatient care. Your primary care physician will be notified of your admission to the hospital and will be consulted about important issues related to your inpatient care.

He or she will also be notified about your final diagnosis and of the medications and follow-up plans prescribed at the time of your discharge. After you are released from the hospital, your primary care physician will resume responsibility for your medical care.

Our hospitalists are just one more reason why more Valley residents trust Saint Agnes Medical Center for their care over any other single facility.

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