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Our New Story: Completing Our North Wing Sixth Floor - Archived
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On a mission to heal body, mind and spirit! Nothing rings more true at Saint Agnes Medical Center. In the past 81 years, Saint Agnes has kept its promise to meet the growing healthcare needs of Valley residents. That commitment has come from modernizing our facilities and adding new wings, like our 230,000-square-foot North Wing, which nearly doubled the Medical Cener's size.

When the North Wing was added in 2005, the sixth floor was unfinished. Now the time for its completion has come. The project will add 28 private medical/surgical beds, eight critical care beds and, eventually, a Senior Emergency Department. The construction is expected to be completed in 2011, with the floor ready for patients by February 2012.

"What's most exciting about this project is the domino effect it has on other patient care areas," Nancy Hollingsworth, RN, Interim President and CEO, says. "The completion of 6-North will increase the Medical Center's capacity, enabling us to expand our Emergency Department and other key patient care areas, all of which are critical to continue meeting our Valley's growing healthcare needs."

What an exciting new story this is for your family and loved ones!

If you are interested in supporting this expansion, please contact the Foundation Department directly, (559) 450-2040.



On a mission to heal body, mind and spirit