Arthur, Wound Patient

"I figured I'd go to my grave with my wounds"

My Saint Agnes story began almost one year ago to the day, with my first visit to the Wound, Ostomy and Hyperbaric Center. At the urging of my home health nurse – who I’ll forever be indebted to − I went to the center seeking treatment for the open wounds that had been covering my feet since the early 90s. Due to faulty valves and poor circulation in my legs caused by repeated blood clots, I had developed large open wounds called stasis ulcers on both feet. At my worst, there were 10-12 of them on my feet.

Having seen many doctors who didn’t know what to do for me – including one who suggested I cut my feet off so that I could enjoy a better quality of life – I’d all but given up that my wounds could ever be completely healed. I figured I’d go to my grave with them.

Now, after a year of treatment, I’m counting the weeks until I can do something I haven’t done in 20 years – wear real shoes! No more slippers and no more dousing my sores with lidocaine before showering – something I had to do just to keep from going through the roof when the water hit my feet. I’m 64 years old and for the first time since my mid-40s, I finally see an end in sight. I can’t say enough about the people and the care I’ve received at Saint Agnes Wound, Ostomy and Hyperbaric Center. It’s the place to go and, truly, has been a miracle for me!

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